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PLC control systems and I/O systems

Solutions for automation and safety

PLC controllers and I/O systems

Controllers in the automation system PSS 4000

The PLC control system PSSuniversal PLC can be used e.g. as a stand-alone control system or as part of a network. When combined with our I/O modules, it processes the required functions.

Communication modules for decentralised I/O systems

The PSSuniversal decentralised I/O systems are the ideal solution for your customised periphery extension. Connection of the remote I/Os to a higher level control system is via common industrial communication protocols.

Input/output modules for control systems and communication modules

Using our I/O modules, you can adapt your controllers and I/O systems individually to your requirements. Please note: We are gradually withdrawing the control systems PSScompact und PSSmodular. The flexible and powerful alternative: the PSSuniversal controller of the PSS 4000 automation system. We're happy to provide support during the conversion process!

Modular and flexible for every application – Your benefits

  • Processing of safety and automation functions
  • Modular system structure for maximum flexibility
  • Ready for use in a variety of applications
  • Extensive selection of modules to meet your specific requirements
  • Compliance with the international standards for machine safety
  • Simple handling thanks to easily understandable software
Modular and flexible for every application

Technical features

Technical features
  • Fast installation, fast module change (even during operation)
  • Digital and analogue processing
  • Real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p
  • Open system
  • Commonly used industrial communication protocols
  • Temperature-resistant modules

Modular system structure – Suitable for every requirement

The modular structure and large selection of input and output modules mean that our control systems can be adapted to every requirement. The PSSuniversal decentralised I/O systems serve as remote I/Os for the field level and are used in, for example, packaging technology.

The PSS 4000 automation system features programmable and configurable controllers for safety and automation. Special solutions are available e.g. for the rail sector, or for applications which require an extended temperature range. All devices comply with international standards and can therefore be used without problem for many different applications and industries.

Modular system structure – Suitable for every requirement

Use in industry – worldwide

Our portfolio: PLC controllers and I/O systems


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