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Hardware for the PSS 4000 automation system

Solutions for safety and automation

Hardware for the PSS 4000 automation system

The PSS 4000 automation system offers various solutions for safety and automation: control systems in various performance classes, I/O devices, numerous I/O modules, network components and rotary encoders. Choose the right control system for you and expand it into innovative control systems with the I/O modules and other components of your choice. Real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p is used for networking and communication .

Use the system components PSSnet to create your network topology for Ethernet-based communication systems such as SafetyNET p. For communication between our control systems and third-party control systems, use our gateways as protocol converters. These allow the PSS 4000 automation system to be integrated into existing CANopen or EtherCAT architectures.

The PSENenco rotary encoders are used together with the PSSuniversal PLC control systems to determine position and speed. These are absolute encoders, which supply diverse, absolute position values.

Control flexibly – Your benefits

  • Solutions for safety and automation
  • Flexibility – thanks to modular system setup
  • Safe communications via real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p
  • Variety of hardware performance classes for every application
  • Can be integrated into existing architectures with PSSnet
  • Determine position and speed with PSENenco
Control flexibly – Your benefits

Control system for railway technology and challenging climates

Our portfolio: Hardware of the PSS 4000 automation system


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