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Terminal over Network


In the past, Telnet was mostly used for remote access to UNIX servers via the network. Any computer in the network can use a Telnet application (Telnet client) for remote access to another computer (Telnet server).
Today, Telnet is also used to configure network components such as COM servers, for example. Under TCP/IP, Telnet is normally addressed via port number 23, but other port numbers may also be used for special applications. Telnet uses TCP/IP as a communications and security protocol.

Telnet features and parameters in the DOS window:

  • TELNET <IP address>
    A Telnet connection is made to port 23 of the Telnet server stated through the IP address.
  • TELNET <address> <Port No.>
    A Telnet connection is made to the stated port of the Telnet server stated through the IP address.

A Telnet connection is made to Port 1111 of the Telnet server with IP address

In the Windows environment, the addressing parameters for Telnet connections are entered in the menu &lt;Connect/Network system&gt;. In the dialogue box, the IP address of the Telnet server is entered under "Hostname"; the required port number is entered under "Connection". The prescribed entry "Telnet" corresponds to port number 23.



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