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PASmotion and PASconfig SDrive – Motion control engineering tools

Motion control engineering tools

The Pilz motion control engineering tools allow you to configure and program your drives quickly and easily and to monitor them reliably. Use our drive technology software to set the parameters of the safe motion functions, to generate the motion sequences and for diagnostics. The entire programming concept is based on a soft PLC complying with IEC 61131-3.

Benefits of PMC engineering tools:

PASmotion, the software for setting the parameters for your drive tasks, provides:

  • High level of user-friendliness and considerable time saving thanks to pre-built function modules
  • Openness for any system environment
  • Parameter setting instead of programming – basic and application projects are provided
  • Your drives can be commissioned quickly and easily thanks to graphic tools and a storage oscilloscope
  • Free download
  • Several languages

With PASconfig SDrive, the software used to set parameters for the safety functions, you benefit from:

  • Fast, intuitive commissioning - software can be learned in 1 hour without any training
  • Increased safety because incorrect entries are kept to a minimum
  • Flexible, freely configurable mapping of inputs and outputs to safety functions

Features of PMC engineering tools

Features of PMC engineering tools

The following features apply to all PMC engineering tools:

  • Programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3
  • External devices can be integrated easily via various bus systems – thanks to the resource manager
  • All configuration data available in one project – from engineering to commissioning


Main functions of PASmotion:

  • Graphical editor for motion path
  • Measurement of motion sequences – thanks to graphical display
  • Device parameter setting (e.g. PMCprotego/PMCtendo servo amplifier, PMCprimo motion control system)
  • Parameter help for direct help without the additional need for operating instructions
  • I/O status indicator

Main functions of PASconfig SDrive:

  • Setting the parameters for the safety functions
  • Status indicators for inputs and outputs
  • Unit converter
  • Data backup on SD card
  • Report function

Many different applications are possible using PASmotion:

  • Servo press
  • Flying saw
  • Filling
  • Wraparound
  • Flow wrapping machine
  • Labelling
  • Mechanical cam plate
  • Vertical axes
Many different applications are possible using PASmotion

Here are examples of industrial sectors where Pilz motion control is already used:


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