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Restart interlock for PSENslock - Technical features

The add-on module for the safety gate system PSENslock prevents a machine from starting up unintentionally after the worker has already opened the safety gate.

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PSEN sl bracket swing door

Mounting bracket for swing gates and folding gates. For PSENslock with500N or 1000N holding force.

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PSEN sl bracket sliding door

Mounting bracket for sliding gates. Suitable for PSENslock with 500N or 1000N holding force. Package contents = angle sensor and angle actuator

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PSEN sl restart interlock (padlock)

Accessories for PSENslock with "restart interlock” function to protect work within the danger zone of a machine that is shut down. Mechanical add-on module for attachment to PSEN sl-0.5 or PSEN sl-1.0. Option to attach up to two padlocks or carabiners to stop the gate closing and so prevent the machine from restarting.

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