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To improve usability of the Pilz website for our customers in eastern Europe, the website is now also available in the Czech language.

Good news for our customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia: the Pilz website is now also available in the Czech language. As well as being able to access a range of information on products, industry solutions and safe automation services, which are individually tailored for the eastern European market, you will also be able to access country-specific messages. What's more, Czech customers now have full access to the E-Shop. By adding Czech, the Pilz website is now available in a total of 18 languages.

Expanding our market presence in eastern Europe

The technology leader in safe automation has been active in the eastern European market since 2014 with Pilz Czech s.r.o. Safe Automation. The subsidiary is based in Prague and is responsible for all sales activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Contact with our subsidiaries:

Pilz Czech s.r.o. Safe Automation
Zelený pruh 1560/99
140 00 Praha 4
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 (0) 222 135353
Fax: +420 (0) 296 374788
E-Mail: info@pilz.cz
Web: http://www.pilz.cz
Pilz Slovakia s.r.o.
Štúrova 101
05921 Svit
Telephone: +421 (0) 52 7152601
E-Mail: info@pilzslovakia.sk
Web: http://www.pilzslovakia.sk



Pilz lndia Pvt Ltd
6th Floor, ‘Cybernex’, Shankar Seth Road, Swargate,
Pune - 411037

Telephone: +91 20 49221100/101/102
E-Mail: info@pilz.in

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