Fountain of youth for old iron

How Pilz significantly increases the availability and productivity of an old press belonging to the Austrian Doka Group due to a retrofit.

The Austrian Doka Group is part of the traditional Umdasch Group and manufactures components for tunnelling, civil engineering and building construction, including waved anchors. These are manufactured on an eccentric press, which is around 30 years old. The plant dates from the 1980s and is in good condition mechanically, but availability shortcomings were decisive in opting for a retrofit.

Complete solution for greater productivity

In order to guarantee availability, the complete control cabinet was renewed. The control system PSSuniversal PLC of the automation system PSS 4000 was installed as the higher level control system. An electronic solution comprising the rotary encoder PSENenco, control system and special software blocks replaces the old mechanical rotary cam arrangement. 3 safety switches PSENmag perform the safety functions. Operator terminals PMI 509, a new motor and the exchange of pneumatic and press safety valves complete the retrofit.

The automation system PSS 4000 is flexible and simple to use across industries.

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Automation system PSS 4000


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