Near Shoring and Next Shoring of production facilities

How this trend has impacted Global Machinery Compliance and Safety Strategies

While the role of low cost countries remains significant in the world of manufacturing, their future in the global supply chain will change significantly. Manufacturers have used locations in Asia and Eastern Europe, particularly in China, to source low-cost materials and component parts for several decades. As wages in China and other low cost countries continue to increase, the cost advantages and incentives in these regions have noticeably decreased, with many manufacturers choosing a shift to "near shore" to domestic suppliers in order to reduce risk and achieve better balance in the supply chain.

Simultaneously, growing demand from new markets emphasises the benefits of being close to markets and therefore, close to sources of innovation. Global consumer goods companies understand the value by setting up regional product and production innovation centres supporting supply chain facilities in the market. Some industry commentators refer to this trend as next shoring. Effective management of automation and machinery supply chains is critical in ensuring the flexible movements of new and legacy manufacturing assets across different jurisdictions.

Trend Next Shoring

There are a number of factors that need be taken into account by machinery and automation engineering managers, safety leadership and other supply chain executives in the "next-shoring" scenario, including the following: 

  • modular Automation, Machinery Architecture and Design Compliance

  • processes for Assuring Compliance and Safety of New Machinery

  • effective and Safe Integration of Robotics

  • structured Processes for Modernising Legacy Equipment and Upgrading Engineered Safety Measures

Need for experienced Safety Services Provider

These factors highlight the need for a reputable and experienced Safety Services Provider on a global scale. Our services portfolio embraces consulting, technical implementation and training in the field of machinery safety, as well as the provision of machinery compliance services including CE marking. Our ability to provide these services all over the world allows facilitation of safety services anywhere, wherever your manufacturing activities may be.

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