Operational safety

In which TRBS (technical rules for operational safety) is the term "competent person" explained/defined?

Along with the TRBS, the term "competent person" is also already defined in the industrial safety regulations §2 Paragraph (7):

(7) For the purposes of this Ordinance, a competent person means a person who has the technical knowledge necessary for inspecting work equipment because of his vocational training, professional experience and current activity on the job. He is not subject to any specialist instruction while conducting testing activities and he may not be disadvantaged on account of this activity.

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In accordance with the industrial safety regulations §10, the employer must ensure that the following work equipment must be inspected by a competent person:

  • Work equipment, the safety of which depends on the installation conditions
  • Work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration, which can result in dangerous situations
  • Work equipment that could compromise safety following repair work

The employer must also ensure that the inspections carried out by the competent person satisfy the hazard assessment in accordance with §3 of the industrial safety regulations.

Further information about the inspection of work equipment by competent persons can be found in TRBS 1201.



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