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SIL & The Process Safety Lifecycle

To confirm Process Safety Compliance in your plant or address compliance issues in a new project, you will require a fundamental understanding of SIL

Training Contents

Hazard Analysis - HAZOPs

  • HAZOPs - their current role in safety systems
  • Key outputs required from HAZOPs
  • Techniques for a successful HAZOP

Safety Requirements Specification - LOPA

  • Layer of protection analysis(LOPA) explanation
  • Using HAZOP results
  • Arriving at Safety Requirements Specification(SRS)
  • Define the required SIL Level

Safety System Realisation

  • Safety Requirements Specification to actual design
  • Safety System architectures
  • Detailed design – Hardware & Software

Safety System Validation

  • Design stage validation
  • Installation validation techniques
  • Maintenance and management

Workshop and Case Studies

  • Tank Farm Installation - SIL 2 application
  • Buncefield Accident - What can we learn?
  • Reactor Safety Interlocks
  • Nitrogen purging - SIS
  • Agitator speed monitoring




Target Groups

This professional Training Course is most suited to:

  • Process Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Instrument/Electrical Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • EHS Managers
  • Project Engineers/Managers

What you can expect

To gain an understanding of:

  •  Undertaking a project using the Process Safety Lifecycle approach
  • The application of IEC 61508 & IEC 61511 Safety Standards
  • The process of determining the required safety integrity levels (SIL)
  • Risk acceptability, targets & calibration
  • The risk graphs for SIL determination & LOPA
  • SIS architectural expectations
  • The process of designing the safety integrity levels required of the safety control system
  • The concept of instrument failures & reliability
  • SIS design to meet integrity targets
  • How to validate the achieved SIL
  • An overview of quality assurance, validation, competence, functional safety assessments,process safety implications for operations and maintenance of SIS

In house at your company

Order numbers 198979-1
Duration 1 Day
9.00 am to 5.00 pm
Maximum number of delegates 10
Price €350 p.p.
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