Workplace Assessment

Workplace (Chemical and Physical Agents) Assessment: Your Needs


Chemical, and otherwise hazardous substances, are increasingly used and/or created in Industrial processes. During storage, handling, processing and disposal of such substances, workers may be exposed to other hazards including airborne contaminant, noise and vibration. Employers need competent assessments of such hazards in order to identify the requirements to maintain the occupational health and wellbeing of their employees.

Workplace (Chemical and Physical Agents) Assessment: Our Approach

A Pilz work site assessment considers chemical and physical agents. Our experts will assess your production plants and identify the hazard classes impacting your workplace. With reference to the current environmental health and safety regulations we customise an assessment of your site and document the findings.

Workplace (Chemical and Physical Agents) Assessment: What We Do

  • Pilz will identify the hazardous substances in the workplace
  • We will assess the risks associated with those hazardous substances, taking account of the likelihood and severity of injury associated with the hazard types
  • Evaluation of risks is undertaken, factoring in the current prevention controls in place
  • Additional controls are recommended where required in order to ensure that risks are managed effectively
  • Determine gaps in compliance with environmental regulations such as chemical and physical agents regulations, General Applications Regulations , Chemicals Act etc.
  • Provide recommendations on improvement required to achieve compliance, improve monitoring of employees’ health and wellbeing and reduce risks
  • Design and implementation of ,mitigation and prevention systems
  • Implement regular monitoring and health impact assessments of exposure to noise and other agents

Pilz provide additional services relating to the monitoring and control of the environmental impacts of noise and other agents

Chemical Hazards Assessment Services from Pilz: Your Benefi

  • Boost productivity and morale though demonstrated commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of your employees
  • Demonstration of compliance with workplace regulations with expert third party support
  • Benefit from our experience in implementing cost-effective practical prevention, mitigation and monitoring solutions
  • Meet your requirements under IPPC license, OELV's, Corporate Limit Values and other regulations for monitoring and minimising impact on the workplace and work environment

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