SEVESO Directive Services

SEVESO Directive Services: Your Needs


Under the SEVESO Directive, industrial operators storing or processing particular inventories of hazardous chemicals/materials must notify the Health and Safety Authority (HSA). Ensuring compliance with the SEVESO Directive is complex and demanding and organisations must produce a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP), undertake risk assessments and evaluate accident   plans. According to the SEVESO II Directive employers must:

  • Take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents and to limit their consequences for both man and the environment.
  • Prove to the competent authority that all necessary measures, as stated in the directive, have been taken in particular for the purposes of inspections.

SEVESO Directive Services: Our Approach

The Pilz approach is to bring our knowledge of the SEVESO Directive and our expertise in implementing safety critical systems, to support organisations facing the challenge of creating/ maintaining a Major Accident Prevention Policy (MAPP). The priority goal is to ensure a high level of safety in a cost effective manner. We have the experience and knowledge to guide your facility through the required level of detail whether you are a top tier site or a lower tier site.

SEVESO Directive Services: What We Do

Pilz will integrate the the industrial enviornment’s current safety management system and  measures with the requirements of the SEVESO Directive relating to:

  • Organisation and personnel (identification of roles and responsibilities and validate key competencies).
  • Systematic identification of dangerous substances and semi quantitative evaluation of risk including impact to the local community and environment
  • Perform Major Accident Hazard Risk Assessments, including land use planning
  • Dispersion Modelling, Consequence Analysis, ZHA, QRA, Domino Effect etc.
  • Prevention, control and mitigation measures (including monitoring and measurement equipment)
  • Instructions of operational control for safe operation and maintenance
  • Policy and procedures for modifications & change (MOC)  and management of safety critical equipment
  • Systematic analysis to identify foreseeable consequences. Prepare, test, review
  • Regulatory Agency Notification and Communication Strategies, including public access to information, preparation of Safety Reports for Top Tier sites and documentation for additional  for emergency response.

SEVESO Directive Services: Your Benefit

  • Assure compliance with COMAH and Seveso II Directives and Regulations
  • Compliment your internal resources with expertise from Pilz
  • Proactively ensure compliance through structured audit and review
  • Prevent catastrophic consequences through timely and structured remediation of equipment and system resources.

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