Chemical Hazards Process Safety Study

Chemical Hazards Process Safety Study: Your Needs


Organisations must continually analyse and assess their processes to ensure the safety of both plant and personnel. Process safety is at the heart of process design and thereafter should be continually re-evaluated in accordance with in-house and regulatory guidelines. Expert knowledge is required to identify potential process hazards and assess the potential consequences. Process risks, such as electrical, mechanical or chemical hazards, need to be identified and an appropriate strategy implemented while simultaneously managing costs and production implications in a practical manner.

Chemical Hazards Process Safety Study: Our Approach

Combining our expert knowledge and practical experience we take a systematic approach to undertaking a process safety study. This includes workplace process risk analysis using empirical methods, followed by an in-depth report of findings and recommendations outlining a cost efficient safety model. Our methods are developed and implemented to ensure your compliance with all relevant industry standards including IEC 61511, ATEX directives and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Chemical Hazards Process Safety Study: What we do

As part of Process Safety Study Pilz adopt systematic planning to include

  • A one to two day on-site technical review of relevant  process plant, equipment, policies and procedures within the defined scope
  • Assessing process risks using empirical methodologies and Pilz expert knowledge of complex guidelines and industry standards for areas such as chemical hazards for example
  • Providing and justifying technically feasible recommendations on the affected resources and equipment. This will facilitate early strategic budget and project management planning by key stakeholders in the lifecycle of the process
  • Making expert assessment and providing customers with a route to compliance and a critical path by the end of the on-site review
  • Various solutions will be outlined to enable our customers to achieve an acceptable level of health and safety to assist in their compliance  with regulatory checks by the relevant authorities and other interested parties

Chemical Hazards Process Safety Study: Your Benefit

  • Rapid identification of process safety or compliance in existing or planned process plants
  • Processes are studied in detail under a broad range of criteria and potential hazards and risks are quickly identified
  • A detailed process report of all key findings is provided
  • Results include recommendations on work to be undertaken and a roadmap to achieve compliance

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