Workplace Accidents Investigation

Workplace Accidents and Incident Investigation: Your Needs


Safety is the prevention of accidents and incidents.  In the event of a workplace accident causing injury you will need to rapidly establish the causes through thorough investigations. You may want to implement immediate preventive measures or identify medium term improvements to plant and machinery. Corporate or statutory investigations may take place, requiring expert knowledge. A well-structured investigation is the foundation for future, sustainable safety.

Workplace Accidents and Incident Investigation: Our Approach

Studies show that even apparently simple accidents have multiple causes. Understanding industrial accidents typically requires an analysis of the Human, Technological and Organisational aspects in your workplace. Our approach is to evaluate each aspect to identify direct and contributory causes. We use our refined causation analysis methodology to identify the technical, personal and system aspects leading to accidents. Our professional approach has been implemented across all levels in our customer organisations.

Workplace Accidents and Incident Investigation: Your Partner

Pilz experts can quickly undertake professional, confidential, independent assessment of issues relating to workplace accidents

Workplace Accidents and Incident Investigation: What We Do

Pilz will investigate the technical and corporate contributory factors leading to the accident including:

  • Structured accident causation analysis
  • Methodical assessment of physical, documentary and 'verbal' evidence
  • Technical analysis of plant machinery  and behaviours
  • Conformity analysis of machinery and equipment to determine if the essential requirements of relevant Harmonised European standards and legal directives were met
  • Identification of emergency controls to prevent re-occurrence
  • Recommendations on technical and organisational requirements for sustainable improvement of safety performance

Pilz can provide expert advice in the context of legal and contractual matters arising such as claims for compensation for workplace injury.

Workplace Accidents and Incident Investigation Services from Pilz: Your Benefit

  • Take advantage of the professional and sensitive approach that Pilz personnel apply in discussing accidents in your organisation
  • Rely on our accreditation as an inspection body of machinery when determining if equipment is in compliance with the essential requirements
  • Gain from our experience to navigate the intricate field of legal, health and safety compliance and technical concerns arising from workplace accidents
  • Build a sustainable business continuity programme based on key lessons learned

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