Behaviour Based Safety

Behaviour Based Safety: Your Needs

To what extent do learned behaviours contribute to accidents or even minor incidents in your organisation? Have you considered why certain safeguarding measures are continually bypassed? Despite perhaps maintaintaining a robust Health & Safety programme and continually procedualising tasks to make them safe, human nature will always play a large part in the safety of your plant.

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware of the positive results of targeting unsafe behaviours and implementing Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) programmes within their company. A significant percentage of accidents can be linked directly to unsafe behaviour which occurred near to the time of the accident. These unsafe behaviours present opportunities to modify behaviour from ‘unsafe’ to ‘safe’.

Behaviour Based Safety: Our Approach

Pilz have refined an approach based on research and study of best practice which proven results at plant level in multinational companies and small to medium sized enterprises. We aim to help you achieve a safety culture breakthrough with safety leadership, employee engagement, and personal responsibility for safety. We adapt traditional BBS approaches such as D.O.I.T. to develop programmes customised to your organisation. Our programmes also incorporate principles from Lean Manufactiring, 5S, Six Sigma and TQM.

Behaviour Based Safety: What We Do

Each company has its own "DNA" from which a company culture grows. As each customer’s processes, management systems and compliance status are different, Pilz create a bespoke approach for each organization. The approach will typically include the following elements

  • An initial professional, confidential, independent appraisal of behaviour based safety issues relating to occupational activities at your plant
  • A process of review to build a consensus on the behaviours which need to be changed and the associated benefits
  • Workshops with leadership teams to develop the environment in which change can be achieved
  • Training at all levels in the target organisation
  • Identification of winning opportunities for change
  • Planning and facilitation of a defined behavior based safety programme
  • Monitoring of planned interventions and surveying of safety attitude

Behaviour Based Safety from Pilz: Your benefit

  • Reduce incident and accident rates by supplementing your existing safety systems and control measures with a sustainable environment of safe behaviour
  • Rely on our experienced specialists with demonstrated successes in implementation of behaviour based safety programs
  • Build an environment in which un-safe conditions and practices are not tolerated in all levels of your organisation

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