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SIL Certification

SIL Certification: Our Approach


Following the refined Pilz methodology in accordance with IEC 61511 and industry best practice we will conduct a comprehensive review as a competent and independent body. Through this review Pilz will define the Safety function requirements, the SIS design and implementation.

This review will verify that the implemented safety functions meets the safety requirements as set out in the standard.

SIL Certification: What We Do

A detailed technical review of the relevant safety functions is carried out during each stage of the process lifecycle in an independent and objective manner so as to provide a robust evaluation of the SIS as designed and commissioned.

SIL Certification: Your Benefit

This independent review of the safety functions enables the customer to evaluate the success of the project and to take remedial works if required. At the successful conclusion of the review, a certification attesting to compliance with IEC 61511 signifying the customers compliance, will be issued.


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