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Robotic / Cobot Services

Pilz as your first choice Partner for Robotic / COBOT Services

Automation with Collaborative Robots

Overview of Robotics / Cobot Services

Collaborative Robots have the potential to redefine Automated Industrial applications. Expert analysis of the Technological, Organizational and Personnel factors are critical to the successful design of Robotics & Cobot systems in industry.

Pilz will take full responsibility for your Robotics / Cobot application from concept through to commissioning and maintenance & full lifecycle support.

Our vendor neutral approach provides you with the best fit Robot / Cobot for your project.

We deliver best in class service, ensuring your automation project is delivered in full compliance with the recognised standards, safe for you & your team/workforce and full achievement of operational objectives.

Our global network of safety specialists contributed to the development of regional and local standards which guide the practical Pilz approach to achieving compliance and safety requirements.


Services that Pilz offer in Robotics / Collaborative Robots

  • Factory Transformation – Identification of Factory performance breakthroughs using a best of class automation approach. Establishment of a clear vision building commitment for deploying and identifying critical factors for success
  • Proof of  Concept/Feasibility Study – Pilz can model, simulate and prototype selected concepts and demonstrate complex Robotic / Cobot solution. We can compare and contrast the strengths & weaknesses to create a single proposal concept
  • Design & Integration – Pilz can design your robot application detailing key elements including robot, end effectors, vision system and optimized programming. The application will be designed using best available technology and will be compliant with Standards and CE Marked
  • Installation & Commissioning – Full validation services including installation and commissioning of your robot system, mechanical, electrical, machine and control system element will be provided by our team of experienced team within agreed schedules
  • Maintenance & Support – Pilz can provide a full suite of Production and maintenance support activities using their local team. This includes: Scheduled maintenance & calibration, control system blackout recovery approach and spares & critical spares access plan

Robotic / Cobot Services: Your benefits at a glance

  • Predictable Return on Investment
  • Objective platform independent selection of best available solution
  • Scalability of solutions
  • Predictable and timely project schedule
  • Ease of Integration of robotics to organisation
  • Ease of Integration with existing plant & equipment
  • Compliance and Safety  

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