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Sensor technology is acquiring an increasingly important role in automation. From safeguarding areas and access points through to HRC applications, sensors are used in the most varied of applications. To satisfy the requirements of an agile, quickly changing production environment, we offer sensors that are both flexible and adaptable.

Individual safety gate guarding with the modular safety gate system

There are different requirements of safety gate monitoring, depending on the application. With our modular safety gate system we offer an individual safety gate solution that is perfectly tailored to your application. So we enable you to combine individual components flexibly in accordance with the building-block principle. At the heart of the solution is either the safety gate system PSENslock or PSENmlock, depending on the application. Expand this with other perfectly compatible components and benefit from economical series connection, rapid diagnostics, additional control and pushbutton elements plus an optional escape release. In conjunction with the configurable, safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 or the automation system PSS 4000, the result is a safe, complete solution.

Modular safety gate system

Danger zone monitoring with the robust safety light curtains PSENopt II

Open access and intervention points into danger zones can be monitored safely using the safety light curtains PSENopt II. One of their key outstanding features is that they are highly robust. As such they are suitable for press applications, among others. They also offer fast reaction times. As a result they can be positioned closer to the danger zone and also save space. PSENopt II are the first light curtains on the market to also be available as a Type 3 device and are therefore suitable for PL d applications such as robot applications, for example. In conjunction with the configurable, safe small controller PNOZmulti 2 they provide an optimum system solution for muting applications or when feeding materials in and out.

Safe area monitoring and dynamic navigation with safety laser scanners

The safety laser scanner PSENscan provides monitoring of both stationary and mobile danger zones. Warning and protection zones can be freely configured, plus there's an option to install PSENscan vertically, so it’s easy to implement a large number of applications, including with access protection and protection against encroachment behind the protected area. Thanks to series connection of up to 4 sensors, your wiring work is reduced to a minimum. With our ROS packages, PSENscan also supports dynamic navigation of AGVs (automated guided vehicles). Any obstacles that are detected are bypassed at an early stage, plus you benefit from an increase in productivity.


Safe protection zone monitoring with the safe radar system LBK

When optoelectronic sensors reach their limits due to high temperature fluctuations, weather conditions or contaminants such as sparking or dust, the radar system LBK is the safe solution for protection zone monitoring! Outdoor applications, metalworking or the woodworking industry in particular have high requirements: thanks to radar technology, the LBK System offers volumetric monitoring and can be used up to SIL 2, PL d and Category 2. The system’s safety-related functions include the detection function and restart interlock. In combination with the configurable, safe small controller PNOZmulti, the result is a complete, safe, one-stop solution.

Safe radar system LBK System

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