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Safety gate system PSENmlock

Safe guard locking and safe interlock in a single product!

Safety gate system PSENmlock

The safety gate system PSENmlock provides safe interlocking and safe guard locking for personnel and process protection up to the highest safety category PL e.

The safe guard locking is enabled by the two-channel control of the guard locking. That makes the switch particularly suitable for machines with dangerous overrunin which guard locking up to PL d or PL e is necessary.

Combined with Pilz control technology, you receive a safe, complete solution for guard monitoring.

PSENmlock with series connection

PSENmlock with series connection

As well as the basic version of the PSENmlock, we offer another version for series connection. This makes cost-effective installationpossible thanks to reduced wiring work and series connection of the safe input and output signals.

When combined with Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD), individual switches or doors can be controlled separately – without expensive separate wiring in the control cabinet.
The SDD also allows simple, extensive diagnostics of the safety switches, reducing downtimes. You receive an economical series connection and minimise your wiring work.

Safety Device Diagnostics

PSENmlock with escape release

As an optional accessory, the two versions of the escape release can be combined with all PSENmlock types:

  • The PSENml escape release is connected to the base unit directly by means of a rod.
  • The PSENml escape release cordset is mounted on the PSENmlock by means of a push-pull rope. It allows the safety gate switch and the escape release to be installed in a physically separate location.

PSENmlock with pushbutton unit PITgatebox

PSENmlock with pushbutton unit PITgatebox

Combine PSENmlock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox to get additional operator and pushbutton elements: from E-STOP pushbuttons and illuminated pushbuttons to key switches and key-operated pushbuttons. The PITgatebox is available in four different versions.

Pushbutton unit PITgatebox

PSENmlock with appropriate door handle

PSENmlock with appropriate door handle

We offer a large range of compatible accessories – perfectly tailored to the safety gate system PSENmlock. With the right handles for swing and sliding doors, you get an economical, space-saving solution for safeguarding safety gates. No need for an additional handle!

Benefits of the safety gate system PSENmlock

  • Safe guard locking and safe guard interlocking up to PL e / SIL 3 in a single product
  • No inadvertent activation of the guard locking due to the integral restart interlock
  • Flexibly mounted actuator ensures high tolerance compensation – even with sagging gates
  • Long service life thanks to robust mechanics and housing
  • Reduced power consumption in operation
  • Reduced wiring work thanks to series connection
  • Simple and comprehensive diagnostics in combination with the SDD
  • Easy installation and low-maintenance solution with the remote escape release
  • Additional operator and pushbutton elements in combination with the PITgatebox

Features of the safety gate system PSENmlock

Features of PSENmlock
  • Meets all requirements of EN/ISO 14119
  • Product types: basic version and series connection version
  • Coding types: coded, fully coded, uniquely fully coded
  • Safe holding force of 7500 N, integrated latching force of 30 N
  • LEDs on 3 sides of the housing
  • Protection type IP67
  • Connection: M12, 8-pin, pigtail
  • Operating temperature: 0 – 55°C
  • Auxiliary release on 3 sides
  • Escape release and remote escape release

Robust design and high holding force for heavy doors

With a holding force of 7500 N, the safety gate system PSENmlock prevents guards from opening inadvertently and offers maximum safety.

Thanks to the optional escape release, PSENmlock can also be used for accessible doors to machines which have hard-to-see hazardous areas. The remote escape release offers the option of installing the safety gate switch at a place that the operator is unable to reach, meaning your employees are optimally protected in the event of danger.

Use of PSENmlock
Combination of PSENmlock with pushbutton unit PITgatebox

The series connection version is ideal wherever multiple doors have to be fitted with safety gate switches and it is very important that the sensors are networked. In contrast to series connection in the field without Safety Device Diagnostics, with the SDD individual switches or doors can be controlled separately. You also benefit from fast, comprehensive diagnostics in the event of an errorthat gives you high machine availabilityat all times.

If additional operator and pushbutton elements are required, combine PSENmlock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox. Complement your safety gate application with the appropriate handles.

Use of the safety gate system in industry

Our product range: Safety gate system PSENmlock

Safety gate systems PSENmlock

Safe interlock and safe guard locking in a single product with the safety gate system PSENmlock.

Accessories safety gate systems

Perfectly tailored to the safety gate system PSENmlock: Accessories for mounting on standard profiles and sliding gates.


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