13 Jun 2016

Laws and standards in Brazil

Worldwide safety for plant and machinery.

The Brazilian Technical Standards Association (ABNT) has only incorporated some of the ISO/IEC standards into national legislation. On account of globalisation and market requirements, the larger Brazilian companies are generally changing to ISO/IEC standards before ABNT has the chance to incorporate them into Brazilian legislation.

NRs – The Brazilian regulations

In Brazil, the national health and safety regulation is overseen by the Ministry of Labor. It is based on the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), which came into force on 1 May 1943 through Decree Law 5452. CLT unifies labour law in Brazil and regulates individual and collective industrial relations. Within this decree law, the regulatory standards known as NRs define the necessary procedures for guaranteeing safety in the workplace. NRs have a certain similarity with the European directives, as they contain specific statutory regulations that are to be implemented. Their scope must be documented through a reference to standards.

NR-12 in Brazil / Machinery safety directive

In total there are 36 NRs applicable to safety, including NR-12, which relates to machinery. All public and private sector workers as well as those registered with CLT must adhere to these regulations. NR-12. The aim of BR 12 was to guarantee that the machinery safety requirements of both new and used machines meet the requirements at world class level.

Content of NR-12

The main aim of the standard is to ensure that a new generation of machines is inherently safe, with full data regarding transport, application, maintenance and disposal. The standard also includes measures for adapting existing machines, as well as setting out requirements for planned preventive maintenance. Requirements for scrapping old machines are also included, to avoid the sale of obsolete machines that are not adequately equipped in accordance with the safety regulations. Before a machine is resold, the regulations now prescribe that it must be equipped in such a way that it meets the safety standards.

Use, purchase and sale of machinery in Brazil

If you use, buy or sell machinery in Brazil, you must be aware of the special requirements of NR-12. Pilz can work with you as a partner from risk assessment through to safety validation, to guarantee that the machine complies with the requirements of the revised standard NR-12. We are represented internationally and are familiar with all the requirements of your respective country.

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