1 Jan 1970

European Week of Health and Safety

‘Healthy Workplaces - Good for you. Good for business.’
A European campaign on Risk Assessment

This week is the European Week for Health & Safety at Work 2009 and this years campaign focus is Risk Assessments and the role they play in reducing workplace accidents.

Risk assessment is the start of the risk management process. It enables employers to understand the action that they need to take to improve workplace health and safety, as well as productivity. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) has developed a European-wide information campaign focusing on risk assessment.

In a recent lecture on the New Machinery Directive given by John Mc Auliffe of Pilz Ireland in conjunction with IOSH, a BGIA study was referenced which found that 37% of equipment is constantly or occasionally modified and 25% of all accidents relating to the use of machinery are traceable to manipulations of the machine safety system. Further to this, a PIAB study noted that in one year in Ireland, machinery and defective equipment were responsible for 7 of the highest 11 awards for personal injury compensation in excess of €100,000.

If we are aware that equipment is being modified and that accidents are traceable to these manipulations, how can Risk Assessment be used effectively to reduce the frequency of such accidents?

When building, retrofitting or interlinking machines, a systematic technical Risk Assessment provides a mechanism for achieving safety through design or a way for identifying protective measures that reduce the likelihood or degree of possible harm. We take responsibility by working with you to perform a documented physical examination and inspection of a machine, carried out under the guidelines of applicable national and/or international standards. The objective of the assessment is to identify hazards present in the working place, estimate and evaluate the risk, and determine and outline the measures that may apply to reduce the risk.

We will support you by drawing from decades of assessing machinery in accordance with applicable legislation and standards and the accreditation from internationally approved bodies including DAR.

Link: http://osha.europa.eu/en/teaser/EW_cutting_workplace_ills


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