4 Jul 2014

Safe Ethernet Connection from Pilz

Use the new "Safe Ethernet Connection" to safely connect various systems to non-safety-related Ethernet.

The safe connection of various systems to non-safety-related Ethernet is now achieved quite simply via software blocks. As a result, the control systems PSSuniversal PLC (PSS 4000) and PSS 3000 as well as the configurable control systems PNOZmulti - each with Ethernet interface - can be safely interconnected. Their existing architectures are simply expanded.

Benefits to you:

  • Safe connection of various device classes via "Standard" Ethernet
  • Safe Ethernet Connection is available as a software block for the various systems - No additional Gateway is required
  • Meets international safety standards: EN/IEC 61508 to SIL CL 3 and EN ISO 13849 to PL e
  • 48 bits of data can be transmitted per safe Ethernet connection
  • Can be used for all device classes of the systems PSSuniversal PLC, PSS 3000 and PNOZmulti with Ethernet connection (Modbus TCP)

Further information:

Control systems PSSuniversal PLC

Configurable control systems PNOZmulti


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