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1 Jan 1970

The Health and Safety Authority Programme of Work for 2010.

Some points that may be of interest to the chemical and process industries under the Chemicals inspection programme include:

• Assessing the levels of awareness of and compliance with REACH/Chemicals Act among downstream users in the manufacturing and wholesale/retail sectors.

• Assessing companies who have preregistered/registered substances.

• Carrying out 400 inspections on chemical storage and at major accident hazard sites.

• Carrying out 65 specialist inspections in the CLP, Detergents, REACH and Export/Import areas.

• Advising the chemical industry of the first registration deadline under the REACH Regulation for high volume chemicals in December 2010 and the CLP Regulation Notification deadline in January 2011.

If you wish to examine you own organisations process safety management systems including requirements under REACH with regard to substance properties, exposure, use and risk management measures, in the context of the chemical safety assessment please contact Pilz for an executive summary of our consulting service. We would be happy to discuss how we can assist.

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