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1 Jan 1970

Set up detection zones at the click of a mouse

Keeping an eye on your profitability

With the safe camera system SafetyEYE, there’s nothing to stand in the way of efficiency. Man and machine can work in perfect harmony. Where an intricate combination of multiple sensors was once required, innovative 3D technology and user-friendly software now enables even complex applications to be controlled, monitored and protected.

Ingeniously simple - simply ingenious!

Detection zones set up rapidly at the click of a mouse - it couldn't be any simpler! Virtual warning and detection zones are set up intuitively using the SafetyEYE Configurator. You define the zones, combine them into groups or switch zone arrangements to suit your needs.

Maintain your flexibility

You keep your flexibility, because once zones have been defined they can be adapted at the click of a mouse, using the SafetyEYE Configurator. So monitoring is no longer based on technical needs but on your requirements from the process cycles.

With SafetyEYE you can save time and costs

during planning, configuration, commissioning, operation and maintenance, because you can ...

Create and edit projects more quickly and without error
Design 3D zones in freehand or using pre-defined geometric shapes
Configure rather than wire
Automatically document violations of warning and/or detection zones
Easily implement complex processes

New: SafetyEYE Configurator 1.2

With the SafetyEYE Assistant you now have the additional option of testing the feasibility of your projects in advance using the CAD configuration tool.

An overview of the other new functionalities:

Recorded violations can be played in 3D
3D view has been revised and simplified
Ability to import/export project sections
Support for PSS programmable control systems with SafetyBUS p interface: configuration of the addresses for decentralised inputs and outputs


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