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1 Jan 1970

Training Portfolio

In response to changing legislation, Pilz Ireland have recently launched an expanded training portfolio which includes training on The New Machinery Directive, CE Marking and Machinery Regulations, ATEX Directives, Safety Design Incorporating ISO 13849 - IEC 62061 and Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations

CE Marking and Machinery Regulations
Develop a detailed understanding of the key European Directives, in particular the Machinery Directive which explains the CE marking process. Other relevant directives as the Low Voltage Directive and the Electromagnetical Compatibility Directive are also reviewed. The relationship between the Directives and the applicable technical standards is also reviewed.


The New Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
The New Machinery Directive comes into effect in December 2009 with no transition period This training focuses on the introduction of the New Machinery Directive and the relevant changes from the previous directive as well as the implications for employers, machine users  and machine builders. The course reviews how the new directive relates to new standards and what can be expected to happen in the years to come in relation to work equipment regulations.


Electrical Machine Safety in Industrial Installations
This training examines the critical fundamentals of electrical safety for machinery and other industrial installations. A detailed overview of the current standards applicable for such installations is examined as well as the applicable regulations including requirements of IEC 60204 and application of NFPA 79.


Safety Design Incorporating ISO 13849 - IEC 62061
Develop a greater understanding of the processes and standards in relation to safety related control systems specification, design and validation. This new standard will change the industry approach on how to define and implement safety systems from 1st January 2010 as it will be implemented together with the new machinery directive.


ATEX Directives
A requirement of the ATEX Directive is that suitable ATEX Training be provided to all relevant employees. This course covers procedures to be followed when managing plant and equipment in an ATEX environment. 3 Modules available – Management, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Staff, Plant Operators and Maintenance.

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We can accommodate large and small numbers of attendees and courses can be run onsite a Pilz or offsite at our customer’s location.


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