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Company profile

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is a technology leader in safe automation technology. In this area, Pilz is consistently developing a role as a total solutions supplier with solutions for safety and automation technology.

The objective of Pilz is to automate plant and machinery in such a way that the safety of human, machine and environment is always guaranteed.

In addition to the head office in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, Pilz is represented by 42 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

Products and solutions for complete automation


Pilz offers complete automation solutions based around its core skill of safety – from sensor technology to control and actuator technology. The product range is being expanded to include corresponding software tools, diagnostic and visualisation systems as well as services. Thus, complete system solutions emerge. Complete also means that our solutions consist both of automation solutions and safety solutions. To do this, we merge safety and automation into one solution.

Pilz solutions can be used in all areas of mechanical engineering, including the packaging and automotive industry, robot applications, plus the wind energy and railway technology sectors. These solutions guarantee that baggage handling systems run safely at airports, that theatre scenery moves smoothly and funiculars or roller coasters travel safely.

We inspire by our innovative strength

Innovation traditionally plays an important role at Pilz. We have set standards and made industrial history with our products, such as the first E-STOP relay PNOZ.

Innovative strength is our driving force. Pilz was and continues to be a pioneer for the automation of the future. At Pilz, competencies and capacities in development and production are always built on a sustainable basis. Our strategy is to seize innovative ideas and make them market-ready and suitable for industry.


Pilz invests in the future of automation


Pilz is a successful, independent family business. Profits are reinvested, guaranteeing further growth. With an R&D ratio of around 21 per cent, Pilz is underlining its claim to be one of the most innovative companies in automation technology.

Having started production in the new Peter Pilz Production and Logistics Centre, Pilz is now converting its previous production area into a state-of-the-art research and development centre. Once the building work is completed, around 330 engineers will occupy 7,300 m2, developing new technologies and products for the automation of the future.

Around the globe, we are available for our customers

Since the 60s, Pilz has not only built up a worldwide sales network but also a competence network. We are able to provide and apply local market and standards knowledge on a transnational basis and to operate across borders with a consistent level of professionalism and quality.

This ability marks Pilz out and establishes the company as a partner for export-oriented engineering and global manufacturing companies. As a worldwide ambassador for safety Pilz aims to increase safety awareness even in countries which do not have equivalent standards and directives for machinery and operational safety.

Pilz is represented on every continent

Our employees are ambassadors of our brand


The competence, experience and passion of our staff have made Pilz one of the leading brands in automation technology. We put people's safety at the centre of our work in automation. We offer solutions that succeed in combining efficiency with high technical demands. Our staff are delighted to work in these areas.

It is hugely important to us to find the right staff and have them commit to our company. At the same time, we are committed to providing our employees with an ideal environment in which they can grow and develop - both professionally and personally.

Pilz figures

Industry: Automation technology with safety as its core competency

Year founded: 1948

Thomas Pilz
Susanne Kunschert

Managing partners: Pilz family

Subsidiaries and branches: 42 worldwide

Employees: around 2,500 worldwide, in Germany around 1,000

Turnover (2021): 348.4 million Euro

R&D ratio (2021): 17 %

Export share (2021): 75.2 %

Pilz figures

Pilz Ireland
Cork Business and Technology Park, Model Farm Road

Telephone: +353 21 4346535