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PSS 3000 - Service & Troubleshooting Course


The objective of the course is to equip delegates with the skills required to troubleshoot Pilz PSS SafetyBUS p systems.

What you can expect

  • Familiarisation with reporting and diagnostic capabilities
  • Fast identification of error sources


  • The structure and variations of the PSS family of controllers
  • Identification of correct installation methods and procedures
  • The network principles of SafetyBUS p
  • Use of the menu driven software functions of the PSS software, in both the ST (standard) and FS (failsafe) sections of the controller
  • Correct application of the Modular Block System (MBS) of software
  • Correct application of a structured programme
  • Differentiation between errors reported by the operating system and errors reported by the application (MSB blocks)
  • Identification of which network device to interrogate for current errors
  • Effective use of the powerful diagnostic tools which are inherent components of the PSS controller

Target group

  • Plant Electrical Supervisors
  • Maintenance Engineers
  • Electrical Installation Engineers


Delegates should preferably have a general understanding of PLC Systems.


A Member of our Services Team. 

Corby, Northants

Order numbers 010009T
Duration 1 Day 9.00 - 17.00
Maximum number of delegates 10
Price £275 per person per day plus VAT
Further informations
Dates and registration
On request

In-house Training

Order numbers 010009T
Duration 1 Day 9.00 - 17.00
Maximum number of delegates 10 (dependant on facilities)
Price £275 per person per day plus VAT plus travel expenses
Further informations A minimum charge of 5 delegates is required, plus travel expenses and VAT. The price per person is as above.
Dates and registration
On request


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