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Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1/EN 62061 Course


The aim of the training is to enable delegates to develop a greater understanding of the processes and standards related to safety control systems specification, design and validation.

The Software Tool Safety Calculator PAScal will be utilised during the course.  Using PAScal, the SIL and PL of alternative solutions can be simply and quickly calculated and the results evaluated for cost efficiency.

What you can expect

By the end of the course, the delegates will

  • be aware of the relevant standards related to safety control systems
  • understand the necessary process from assessment to validation when designing or modifying safety related control systems
  • understand the key architectural structures and alternatives in detailed safety control system design, with practical examples of their application
  • learn how to calculate the critical parameters related to safety control systems design to achieve the desired Performance Level



This course covers how the new standard for safety related control systems EN 13849-1 is applied in automation and machinery design.  The standard EN/IEC 62061 is introduced.

Topics include:

  • Introduction of safety regulations and standards
  • Safety control system standard EN 13949-1
  • Safety control system standard EN/IEC 62061
  • Detailed review of principles for design of safety related control systems
  • Calculation of Safety Integrity Level (SIL) and Performance Level (PL)
  • Use of PAScal Safety Calculator

Target group

Automation, Electrical, Maintenance and Project Engineers, Automation Managers, Maintenance Managers and Safety Specialists


A Member of our Services Team

In-house Training

Order numbers 010013T
Duration 1 Day 9.00 - 17.00
Maximum number of delegates 10 (Dependant on facilities)
Price £275 per person per day plus VAT
Further informations A minimum charge of 5 delegates is required, plus travel expenses and VAT. The price per person is as above.
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