SafetyEYE Tools

SafetyEYE Configurator – Set up detection zones on your PC

SafetyEYE Tools

The safe camera system SafetyEYE detects and reports objects that encroach into freely defined zones. Instead of wiring, the SafetyEYE Configurator can be used to configure virtual detection and warning zones plus any other parameters required to operate the safe camera system on the PC.

The user is guided step by step through the entire project. Warning and detection zones are set up at the click of a mouse. As well as assigning properties to the 3D zones, it is also possible to assign actions to the inputs and outputs on the PSS control systems. Once detection zones have been defined, you can modify them with just a click!

Another special feature: with the SafetyEYE Configurator the user can program both the analysis unit and the programmable safety system via the Ethernet connection. With its inputs and outputs, this serves as an interface to the machine controller.

User-friendly project design and configuration of detection zones

  • Create and edit projects more quickly and without error
  • Create 3D zones freely or using pre-defined geometric shapes
  • Free configuration of inputs and outputs
  • I/Os are logically linked by drag and drop using logic elements
  • Rapid commissioning and minimal amount of wiring work
  • Complex processes easy to realise by combining warning and detection zones into zone arrangements
  • Monitor and control several independent zones with a single sensing device
  • Automatic documentation of violations of warning and/or detection zones
User-friendly project design and configuration of detection zones

Features of SafetyEYE Tools

Features of SafetyEYE Tools
  • Use pre-defined geometric shapes or create detection zones manually
  • 16 switchable zone arrangements
  • Variety of views (2D, 3D)
  • Verification of safety distances

Easy configuration with SafetyEYE Tools

The SafetyEYE Configurator is used for design and configuration of the necessary zones and objects. The software can be used to register, evaluate and automatically document detection zone violations.

Easy configuration with SafetyEYE Tools

SafetyEYE Live Video Server – Monitoring detection zones remotely

SafetyEYE Live Video Server

With the SafetyEYE Live Video Server we are providing a tool for live analysis of detection zone violations. So you can allow the user simple remote access – without access to your programming! Remote access can be achieved easily via the visualisation software PASvisu or via the web-based display, via tablet or PC.


Industry uses of SafetyEYE Tools

Our product range: SafetyEYE Tools

SafetyEYE Configurator licences and SafetyEYE Live Video Server

Various licence versions are available. Choose between a basic, user, project, basic upgrade, user upgrade or project upgrade licence. With the SafetyEYE Live Video Server you have a tool for remote access, which helps when analysing detection zone violations.

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