SCADA Visualisation

Visualisation of your plants and machinery

Visualisation of your plants and machinery

Operate and monitor your plant or machine on a high level!

The SCADA Software package is available for the PMIopen and PMIcontrol operator terminals and it offers a cross-sector solution of complex visualisation tasks.

Machinery is made simple, fast and convenient to operate.
The step-up to a full SCADA system can be achieved without loss of data, because all the configured data is transferred. Use the Zenon Operator Dev 1024 (for configuration) and the Zenon Operator RT PMI (Runtime).


  • Simple and fast project planning thanks to a wide range of functions and specified aids
  • Operators quickly learn how it works, thanks to clearly structured operator guidance
  • Fast troubleshooting thanks to good legibility, acoustic support and simple symbols
SCADA Visualisation

Features of SCADA visualisation

Features of SCADA visualisation
  • Multilingual Editor and runtime
  • Symbol library
  • Symbolic addressing
  • PC simulation
  • Recipe management
  • Alarm management and chronological event list
  • Password protection
  • Language switching online

Selection of functions for project planning and commissioning

Online language switching: Save costs during installation! Serial users can generate a project from the start in several languages. Switching the operating language during operation is then easily possible. Foreign language texts can already be checked (e.g. text length) during project planning. UNICODE is supported.

Password protection: With the PMI Tool, individual, definable access authorisations can be set up for each user. By using a flexible password hierarchy, it is possible to define clear access authorisations and establish procedures.

Object libraries: Fast and efficient project planning, using object libraries for static and dynamic elements saves time and money. A few clicks is all it takes!

Off-line simulation: All functions can be tested in advance via simulation. This will reduce configuration and commissioning costs.

Connection to a wide range of PLCs: The PMI Tool enables operator terminals PMI to be connected to a wide range of PLCs. A selection of drivers for all standard PLC manufacturers is available. Operator terminals PMI can, for example, be connected by using Modbus (TCP). There are also drivers for connecting to Siemens and Allen Bradley systems.

Selection of functions for project planning and commissioning

Our product range: SCADA Visualisation


Zenon - the visualisation software for configuration and commissioning of plant and machinery. Here you find the Editor including the licence.

zenon licences

Here you will find the Runtime for Windows CE and up to 1024 tags, including licence for PC projects

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