Drive-integrated safety with PMCprotego DS

Drive-integrated safety with PMCprotego DS

With safe motion, safety functions are easily inserted into the servo amplifier by using the safety card PMCprotego S, thus providing a drive-integrated solution for the monitoring of movements. The STO ("Safe Torque Off") function is already included in the basic version of the servo amplifier PMCprotego D. This provides a flexible, scalable safety solution. You decide individually how much safety your application needs.

Unlike external solutions, PMCprotego DS can - in addition to the available rotary encoder signals - make use of internal system variables such as terminal voltage, EMF (electromotive force) or motor currents for safe motion detection. As well as the fact that less wiring is involved, an integrated solution also has the benefit of a shorter reaction time to errors.

The SLS ("Safely Limited Speed") function, for example, is available for setting up the machine. The converter internally monitors the speed and, in the event of a fault, responds much more dynamically than would be possible when using an external monitoring circuit that switches off the drive.

The benefits of PMCprotego DS

  • Highly dynamic, short reaction times
  • Reduced tooling times as well as rapid commissioning
  • Safety is independent of the encoder system
  • Easy-to-use software tool
  • Easy device replacement, thanks to the SD memory card (standard and safety configuration)
  • Integrated diagnostics PVIS
  • Less wiring
  • Greater functionality and convenience, as internal system variables can be used
  • Highest safety level PL e only requires a standard feedback system

Features of safe motion solution

Examples of PMCprotego DS applications

  • Machining centres, engineering
  • Process monitoring/observation
  • Driverless transport systems, e.g. on high-bay racking systems
  • Pick & place robots in the packaging industry
  • Stage design
  • Palletising
Examples of PMCprotego DS applications

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