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Safety-related equipment, upgrade and operation of presses


Reliable safety technology for presses should not only be flexible and powerful, but economical too. We can help you to equip and retrofit your presses safely and guarantee safe operation. As an experienced partner in forming technology, Pilz can guide you through a new design and retrofit over the entire machine lifecycle, to guarantee press safety.

Safety solutions and concepts for all types of press

From a manually operated standalone workstation to a fully automated press line, we can provide solutions for all types of press. For special requirements in press technology Pilz has developed an electronic rotary cam arrangement, which increases both the productivity and safety of the press in combination with the automation system PSS 4000. For press brakes in particular we can offer an extremely productive solution with the camera-based protection and measuring system PSENvip.

Retrofit – Extend the productivity of older presses

When press retrofits are planned and implemented on a sound basis, our experts can equip even older models with the latest electrical, control and safety technology. For example, eccentric or hydraulic presses are characterised by a long service life thanks to their solid base and robust mechanics. Following a retrofit, they can go on to meet press safety, productivity and quality requirements for a further 10 to 20 years.

Benefits for press safety

Our solution for press safety

  • Safety for man and machine while maintaining high availability and flexibility
  • Higher productivity through optimised work practices and the very latest control and sensor technology
  • Reduced standstill and downtimes
  • Services to cover the entire machine lifecycle: from risk assessment to CE certification through to specific user training
  • Approved safety concepts in accordance with international norms and standards.


Read our flyers for further information on our press and metalworking services. There you can discover what we have to offer in terms of press equipment, retrofit and operation.

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