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The PSS 4000 automation system

Simplify your automation!

Are you looking for a safe and easy way to automate your machine or plant? The PSS 4000 automation system is the ideal solution for you to achieve smooth production – with safety and automation! PSS 4000 has already demonstrated its capability in numerous applications across various industries.

You can configure the PSS 4000 automation system individually according to your requirements. You can achieve this with control systems in various performance classes, a wide range of I/O modules as well as visualisation and engineering software.

Select the control system and the I/O modules with the functions that you require. You will get a system that offers you a wide range of options: innovative control technology, easy programming with PAS4000 and web-based visualisation with PASvisu!


The benefits of the automation system

  • One system for the entire automation technology
  • Merging safety and automation
  • Solution for Industry 4.0
  • Distribution of control functions according to the multi-master principle
  • Easy programming and configuration with the PAS4000 software
  • Web-based visualisation with the PASvisu software
  • Safe communications via real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p
  • High level of flexibility thanks to modular system structure
  • Can be integrated into existing automation structures
The benefits of the automation system

Automation system for Industry 4.0

The control systems of the PSS 4000 automation system can be used according to the multi-master principle. Simply connect several equal control systems via the real-time Ethernet SafetyNET p. SafetyNET p exchanges data and statuses between the control systems and synchronises these. Now every control system knows what the others are doing.

Via the PAS4000 software platform, you program and configure all network subscribers centrally. The PASvisu visualisation software enables you to always keep an eye on the project. That makes handling your project really simple, however large it is! You can now always respond swiftly and flexibly to individual customer requirements!

Automation system for Industry 4.0

Merging of safety and automation

The PSS 4000 automation system enables you to implement projects for safety and automation. Both worlds merge with each other. To maintain the safety of humans and machinery at all times, the system functions without feedback. This ensures that changes or expansions in the control section have no influence on safety.

In the PAS4000 software you have a free choice of configuration with function blocks or programming with editors in accordance with EN/IEC 61131-3. Editors for safety and automation functions are always available to you in parallel.

Merging of safety and automation

Hardware-independent operation

At the start of your project configuration task, maybe you don’t know exactly which hardware components you need? Not a problem with the PSS 4000 automation system! PSS 4000 allows you to create your project hardware-independently. Only when the program is assigned to the hardware do you need to choose the corresponding components!

What do you do if you discover e.g. that two PSSuniversal PLC control systems are functionally at their limits? Then you simply integrate a third control system. The user program can be redistributed with little effort. What benefits are there for you? Shorter project times!

Hardware-independent operation

One system for every industry

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