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Safe speed monitor PNOZ s30 (stand-alone)

Convenient speed monitoring

Safe speed monitor PNOZ s30

The speed monitor PNOZ s30 ensures safe monitoring of your machines regarding standstill, rotation speed, position, shear pin breakage, rotation speed range and direction of rotation in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e and EN IEC 62061 up to SIL CL 3. Using the PNOZ s30 ensures compliance with the Machinery Directive regarding drive monitoring, i.e. safe monitoring and maintaining of the operating status of the drive when the drive is shut down. For example, travelling at reduced speed in set-up mode increases operator safety. Configuration and fault indication can be easily and conveniently facilitated by a display. The speed monitor PNOZ s30 is suitable for all common motor feedback systems and proximity switches.

Your benefits of use

  • You increase the safety of your employees
  • You save costs and increase productivity: Unnecessary shutdown processes are omitted
  • To be on the safe side, you get a warning when a defined warning threshold is reached
  • Save time during setup due to convenient rotary knob (push and turn) operation

User-friendly features

User-friendly features
  • Parameters can be freely set, parameter input by rotary knob (push and turn)
  • Tolerances can be freely set for each limit value
  • Simple diagnostics: Integrated display
  • Set parameters are saved on a chip card using an USB interface
  • Safe from manipulation: lockable cover for setup elements and password protection Fast installation: plug-in, spring-loaded terminals with individual activation of the chambers (alternatively with plug-in screw terminals)
  • Rapid assembly via spring clips – no need for tools
  • Simple overview: with 6 LED displays – no external measuring devices required
  • Axis position monitoring is available as an option with the standstill function
  • Advance warning of shutdown when a certain threshold is reached
  • Output contacts: 2 instantaneous safety contacts (N/O) and 2 auxiliary contacts (N/C)

Contact expansion with PNOZ s22 – Twice as good

Contact expansion with PNOZ s22
  • 2 relay functions that can be separately controlled according to PL e, EN ISO 13849-1, a total of 6 instantaneous safety contacts (N/O) and 2 instantaneous auxiliary contacts (N/C)
  • Each with 3 safety contacts and 1 auxiliary contact that can be separately controlled, so that different functions based on the base unit PNOZ s30 can be allocated to the outputs.
  • Safe separation between the two relay functions enables different potentials to be switched

Convenient application

Typical applications are leisure parks, balancing machines, high-bay racking, centrifuges, filling machines, machining centres, wind turbines.

The ability to work safely with the guard open leads to:

  • Reduced setup times as there is a better insight into the setup area
  • Greater work safety by guaranteeing that the direction of motion corresponds to the selected jog function
  • Greater work safety as a result of safely limited setup speeds
Working safely with the guards open

By automatically testing the braking action, safe brake functions lead to:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Increased productivity and availability
  • Increased safety
Safe brake functions

Safe operating stop (SOS and SS2) leads to higher productivity because:

  • Axis synchronisation is maintained
  • Plants are restarted quickly and more simply
  • Safety level is higher, as the plant is protected against unexpected restart
Safe operating stop (SOS and SS2)

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