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Safeguarding danger zones with electrosensitive protective equipment

When is it suitable to safeguard danger zones with electrosensitive protective equipment? Use ESPE if you do not wish to prevent access to or encroachment of the danger zone but instead wish to safely stop the hazardous movement. The protected field is in this case safeguarded by optical sensors. Find out more about the wide range of possible applications!

Access guarding on robot cells

Access guarding on robot cells

You wish to safeguard access to your robot cell without using guards? Light curtains are particularly well suited when barrier-free access is required. They monitor entry into the danger zone and safely switch off the robot as soon as they detect access by a person. An acknowledgement via the controller must be provided to restart the robot.

Multi-sided safeguarding of robots

Instead of safety fences, robots can also be safeguarded with a simple combination of a pair of light curtains and two mirror columns. The mirror columns deflect the light beams of the light curtains so that one pair of light curtains is sufficient for monitoring all three accessible sides. As a result they do not only safely monitor access to the danger zone, but also save space, costs and installation time!

Robot cells

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