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Issue 8 2018 / 31 Aug 2018
Dear Sir or Madam,

An eventful year is nearing its end. It is time to stop and to review the year. We wish you and your family a happy and peaceful Christmas, a relaxing break, and a great start to the year 2019! In the coming year we will provide you with news on fascinating projects, innovations and expertise and knowledge of standards from the world of automation.
Solutions for railway systems 4.0

The digitalisation of the railway industry keeps advancing. With digitalised and automated processes, punctuality and reliability of the rail transport can be increased. We support you with our expertise on the way to railway systems 4.0!
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Light barriers – the ideal partner for safeguarding space-critical applications

You operate machines with an open insertion area and there is not have much room for installing safety sensors? In the last part of our series, we show you how to use slimline light guards to efficiently safeguard machines and plants. Find out more now!
Safer and more punctual with the automation system PSS 4000

Three metro lines meet at what is known as the Triangle, under the heart of the city of Antwerp. How is the safe control of points guaranteed every day? The transport operator De Ljin relies on the automation system PSS 4000. Find out more now about how over 500 Mio. Passengers are transported safely!


Brexit – Effects on standards and certificates

The Brexit is coming! However, for machine and plant manufacturers the exit of the United Kingdom from the EU can have considerable effects.


Meet Pilz at SPS Automation MIDDLE EAST!

From 18-19 September 2018, Pilz will be at SPS Automation MIDDLE EAST in Dubai. Visit us on stand B12 and learn about innovative solutions for your automation tasks!
Industry-proven automation technology for railways

How can construction sites, station platforms and level crossings be safeguarded effectively? The railway engineering specialist Schweizer Electronic relies on the PSS 4000 automation system for remote control of the freight locomotive from Bombardier. Find out more about what industry-proven automation technology for railways can do!
Visit Pilz at InnoTrans 2018!

Discover the latest trends and developments in railway technology from 18. - 21. September 2018! The Pilz presence at the exhibition focuses on innovative safety technologies for the railway industry. Find out more now about what awaits you in Berlin!