PILZ Inside Automation
Issue 6 2018 / 29 Jun 2018
Dear Sir or Madam,

What would automation of machines and plants be without safe sensor technology? Find out more in this Newsletter edition how to safeguard safety gates flexibly and in accordance with the requirements of your application. In addition, we show you how to monitor several sides of hazardous areas simply and safely with light curtains.
With the modular safety gate system for your individual safety gate solution!

It has been the top story on the Pilz stand at the Hannover Messe 2018: The modular safety gate system from Pilz. In a short video, we summarised for you how to combine the individual components to create an individual solution.
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Safety gate system PSENmlock now Safety Device Diagnostics-capable

Use PSENmlock as of now in combination with Safety Device Diagnostics to benefit from many advantages in series connection!
Safety gate system PSENmlock – now with escape release and series connection

The safety gate system PSENmlock is now available as the basic version or with series connection. You can choose between an escape release or suitable handle as an optional accessory. Find out more now!
Simple operation of the safety gate system PSENslock

Combine PSENslock with the pushbutton unit PITgatebox to get additional operator and pushbutton elements. The PITgatebox is available in a number of versions and enables space-saving installation in standard aluminium profile systems.
Automation solutions for your plant and machinery

Pilz offers scalable solutions to suit your automation requirement – from sensor technology to control technology and drive technology. Learn more now about how you can use our automation solutions in your plant and machinery!
With PSENopt II mirror columns you secure hazardous areas from several sides!

Combine our light curtains r PSENopt and PSENopt II with the new PSENopt II mirror columns and safeguard several sides of a hazardous area in no time. Find out more now!