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Overview of product-specific standards (C standards)

Product standards

C standards are product standards; they contain detailed requirements for specific machinery with references to B standards. Two institutions are responsible for drafting these standards, namely CEN for European standards and CENELEC for electrical regulations.

The most important C standards

Presses EN 692, EN 289, EN 693, EN 12622
Hydraulic presses EN 693
Mechanical presses EN 692
Press brakes EN 12622
Pneumatic presses EN 13736
Plastics and rubber machines EN 289
Industrial robots  EN ISO 10218-1     
Machining centres EN 12417      
Textile machinery EN ISO 11111-1
Woodworking machines EN 940, EN 1218-1, EN 847-1/-3  
Laser processing machines EN ISO 11553-1
Packaging machines EN 415-1/-9                    
Laser processing machines EN ISO 11553-1                       
Paper machines EN 1010-1/-2        
Thermoforming machines  EN 422, EN 12409         
Turning machines                   EN ISO 23125
(replaces EN 12415, EN 12478
Die casting machines EN 869                     
Continuous handling equipment (conveyors) EN 619                                   
Power-operated gates EN 12453               
Automatic guided vehicles (AGV) EN 1525, EN 1526                            



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