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Safety relays PNOZ X

Customised safety for your application

Safety relays PNOZ X at a glance

Our PNOZ X safety relays are proven through their reliability and robustness. They are used in the most diverse safety applications in a wide range of applications. Use one PNOZ X per safety function. The technical features are based on voltage-free, electromechanical contacts with 2 relay technology. The sizes vary from 22.5 to 90 mm, the number of contacts from two to eight. Whatever your safety requirement – PNOZ X has alreadyproved itself a million times over in the rugged everyday industrial environment.

The right PNOZ X for each application – Your benefits

  • A wide range of product types for all safety functions
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Fast commissioning thanks to plug-in terminals with spring-loaded or screw connections
  • maximum safety with low space requirement
  • Flexible application due to universal power supply
The right PNOZ X for each application

The right PNOZ X in every case – Features

Example: using safety relays PNOZ X on a packaging machine
  • Electromechanical
  • Robust
  • Compact
  • Proven technology
  • PNOZ XP with plug-in terminals
  • High level of market acceptance

PNOX X – Suitable for more than your everyday safety application

The optoelectronic protective devices PSENopt and the muting relay PMUT X1P provide a safe, efficient solution:


As part of your production process, are goods transported in and out of danger zones, while operators themselves are not permitted access to the danger zone?
Then we have a safe and efficient solution: our safety light barriers, light curtains and light grids monitoring devices PSENopt, in conjunction with the muting relay PMUT X1P. The material can pass through the light curtain at any time, but if an operator should accidentally access the area, a message is immediately sent to the control system.

In addition to the muting function, it is also possible to connect up to four muting sensors and to monitor muting lamps.

The right PNOZ X in every case

Our product range: PNOZ X


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