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Safety and Industrial Security

Date: 9 Oct 2020 - 9 Oct 2020

Pilz is well known for safety products to protect personnel from harm around machinery and processes. You may even be aware of Pilz products that protect your machines and processes from local unauthorised human access, such as the PITmode RFID key-based system. When it comes to preventing remote unauthorised and potentially malicious access into industrial and automation control systems (including safety systems), the cybersecurity standard EN 62443 comes into play.

Pilz UK Product Manager David Collier will provide an overview of the suite of EN 62443 standards (parts 1-4), the attendant Security Levels (not to be confused with Safety Integrity Levels) and how the now-available Pilz Security Bridge – a two port firewall with additional features such as VPN -  can be used as part of a “Defence in Depth” strategy to protect your industrial and automation control systems from cyber attacks.

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The webinar series from Pilz aims to give you the essential facts & updates on a range of key Machinery Safety topics, without you having to leave the office.

Safety and Industrial Security Webinar

Date and Time:

Friday 9th October: 9:30 - 10:30am BST


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