A Free Webinar: Safe Human-Robot Collaboration

Date: 14 Oct 2022 - 14 Oct 2022

The Webinar Series from Pilz aims to give you the essential facts & updates on a range of key Machinery Safety topics, without you having to leave the office.

There is no such thing as a safe robot, only safe robot applications.  Ever closer human-robot workstations are becoming more common and the use of collaborative robots, or 'Cobots', is also on the rise.  The implementation of robot applications without traditional safety fences is now possible in some circumstances.

Hosted by Machine Safety Expert Jamie Thomas, the webinar will be highlighting the issues - and their solutions - to ensure optimum safety in a human-robot working environment, including the relevant standards to consider, such as ISO/TS 15066 - Robots and robotic devices.

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Date and Time:

Friday 14th October: 9:30 - 10:30am GMT


Free of charge


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