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Pilz at the Hannover Messe 2018, Hall 9, Stand D17 - Modular to the factory of the future

Under the motto "We automate. Safely." Pilz will be presenting innovative automation solutions for the factory of the future at the Hannover Messe from 23 to 27 April 2018. In the focus of this year's presence at the exhibition there is the topic of "modular safety gate system". In this context, Pilz presents its new version of the Industry 4.0-compatible safety gate system PSENmlock. Furthermore, the automation expert presents novelties from the range of safety and control technology. The Safe human robot collaboration is also in the focus of this year's presence of Pilz.

With the "modular safety gate systems" individual safety gate solutions can be created for the relevant application. Various components are available to do this, they can be combined flexibly depending on the requirement. In the center there are the safety gate sensors PSENslock and PSENmlock.

Safety gate solution 4.0
The new version of the secure safety gate system PSENmlock with series connection enables a cost-effective installation thanks to reduced wiring work. An escape release is available as an optional accessory in two versions. The Safety Device Diagnostics (SDD) for comprehensive diagnostics completes the safety gate solution. With SDD the guard locking of individual sensors in the chain can be controlled in a targeted manner for the first time, quite in keeping with the modular concept of Industrie 4.0. Visitors can experience the safety gate system PSENmlock live on the Pilz exhibition stand live on the model.

Also included in the solution package, and new for Hannover: The pushbutton unit PITgatebox for easy operation and control of safety gate systems. It can be used to control commands that activate, stop or acknowledge your machine or system. The preconfigured version with various combinations of pushbuttons, key switches and E-STOP pushbuttons gives you maximum flexibility for your individual application. The PITgatebox gives you an individual and modular safety gate solution, especially when combined with the secure safety gate systems PSENmlock and PSENslock.

Data bridge for networked factory: Safe and Secure
In addition to modularisation, safety must guarantee the protection as well as ensuring the necessary availability in the smart factory In Hannover, Pilz presents its holistic approach to Safety & Security. Plus there's a new product: The hardware solution Pilz SecurityBridge works like a Firewall. This means that Pilz offers effective protection against network-based attacks and unauthorized network access for small control systems PNOZmulti and the automation system PSS 4000.
As well as benefiting from the security aspect, users also enjoy higher plant availability because only the data that is necessary (authorised configuration and process data) is transmitted.

Product range PNOZmulti 2 expanded unction range
At the Hannover Messe we will be introducing two new modules for the configurable, safe small controllers PNOZmulti 2. One each for safe monitoring of press applications and for safe monitoring of precess values.
For the safe monitoring of mechanical presses, Pilz has the new dual-pole semiconductor output module PNOZ m EF 8DI2DOT on the stand. A particular benefit is that an independent module program (mIQ) can be configured, which is executed locally with much shorter cycle times on the press module. As a result, very short reaction times are possible.

The new, safe analogue input module PNOZ m EF 4AI expands the product range of safe small controllers. A world first in this: For the first time, arithmetic functions such as averaging or differential pressure calculation make it easier to configure the analogue values. This enables unique diagnostics.
The module is used to safely monitor process values and it records and monitors any processes such as pressure, temperature, fill level or also cable speed and load safely up to PL e / SIL CL 3.

Lean management of drive energy
A novelty in the drive portfolio of the automation service provider from Ostfildern is the energy store PMCenergy SD. Its use in conjunction with the servo amplifiers PMCprotego D or PMCtendo DD5 from Pilz saves energy. The energy store takes up available braking energy and buffers it - without feedback to the network. As the servo amplifiers' intermediate circuits can be easily connected to each other, one energy store per axis is sufficient. Also, an additional mode is available for the energy stores PMCenergy SD in addition to the modules, which can simply increase the storage capacity. The users obtain a very economical and also flexibly adaptable solution, particularly on larger-scale plant and machinery.

Experience safe robotics
Robots that give objects into humans hands and that are still safe – this is something that was simply not possible until recently. In Hannover, Pilz shows how safe human-robot collaboration (HRC) works, but it explains what steps have to be noted on the way to CE marking of robot applications. Pilz also presents its complete services portfolio for HRC in this context.

Pilz subsidiary also in Mexico
Pilz is represented with 40 subsidiaries worldwide, also in this year's partner country of the Hannover Messe. For the Pilz subsidiary that has been based in Tlalnepantla near Mexico City since 1999, services are a focus of its business. Renowned customers from various branches, among them the automotive, the food, health and hygiene industries, and also pharmaceutics, paper and metal working industries rely on the experience and expertise of Pilz .
"Mexiko is particularly attractive for German companies and investors. Our focus here is on complete solutions for upgrading machinery and presses" explains Samuel Cruz, Manager of Pilz de México since the end of 2015.

Pilz is exhibiting in Hall 9, Stand 17. Further information here

Modular to the factory of the future: On the Hannover Messe, Pilz shows innovative automation solutions for safety gate monitoring, among them safety gate systems and sensors.
Modular to the factory of the future: On the Hannover Messe, Pilz shows innovative automation solutions for safety gate monitoring, among them safety gate systems and sensors.

Modular to the factory of the future: On the Hannover Messe, Pilz shows innovative automation solutions for safety gate monitoring, among them safety gate systems and sensors.


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