Ostfildern, 16 Mar 2007

Reliable wireless communication New wireless system from Pilz, specifically for industrial requirements

Under the name InduraNET p (Industrial Radio Network), Pilz has developed a wireless system that specifically and consistently considers the requirements of an industrial environment. Users benefit from much greater flexibility and are able to implement mobile applications which would be very difficult if not impossible to achieve with a cable-based solution. A special feature of InduraNET p is the innovative antenna system with antenna diversity, which guarantees a constant, high quality wireless connection under all application conditions. Intelligent frequency management also enables coexistence with other wireless systems. In the first expansion phase InduraNET p is available for the decentralised control platform PSSuniversal.

In conjunction with InduraNET p PSSuniversal offers even more opportunities for using the decentralised I/O periphery. The decentralised control platform can now be used anywhere that cable connections have reached their application limits or that long-term use of wearing communication media such as trailing cable or rotary transformers is uneconomical. The wireless communication system InduraNET p can universally replace a cable solution, coexisting alongside other wireless services in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. It transmits with a maximum high frequency power of 100 mW. Due to its variable structure the decentralised control platform PSSuniversal can be expanded to up to 64 individual I/O modules. With InduraNET p these can now also be operated remotely from the base system. The modular PSSuniversal system can be separated at any point. All you need to do is add the relevant InduraNET p converter modules. One base station can communicate with up to four remote stations. The benefit for the user is that he need not be aware of the integrated wireless connection; his view of the process I/O image remains the same.

Wireless system specifically for the industrial sector
Other WLAN-based wireless services are often used in the industrial environment for storage and logistic systems. Unlike Bluetooth wireless systems, InduraNET p does not influence any other industrial wireless systems thanks to its intelligent frequency management. In addition to the protocol mechanisms, the access mechanism "Listen before talk” guarantees that the radio channel is actually available and is not being used by other wireless services. Another characteristic of InduraNET p is its strong immunity to signals from other wireless services such as DECT, UMTS or GSM, which ensures high system availability in an industrial environment. The special, compact antennas enable efficient wireless communication despite strong reflections and constantly changing conditions for spreading the radio waves.

Reliable wireless technology brings benefits
With the wireless communication system InduraNET p, users have increased flexibility and freedom in the way plant and machinery is arranged. The wireless system guarantees easy accessibility within the space, something that cannot be achieved with a cable connection. All today's contact-based communication systems are restricted to linear or rotational movements. InduraNET p enables movements in all three space dimensions. This increased flexibility is also a bonus when expanding an existing control infrastructure, as there's no complex configuration or installation for the cable connections. The high availability of InduraNET p reduces downtimes as well as the work involved in unplanned maintenance work. The weaknesses in contact-based data communication, such as wear and tear on data cables and sliding contacts, are irrelevant with wireless communication. Radio-based communication also helps to save costs, as the work normally involved in planning, installation and maintenance of cable-based solutions is no longer required. This is particularly significant on mobile applications, as contact-based communication often requires special solutions using cable drag chains or rotary transformers, for example. By implementing InduraNET p into the PSSuniversal centralised control platform, Pilz is presenting to the market the first step towards an industry-compatible wireless technology. Other expansion levels that involve the integration and connection of safe devices and sensors will follow.


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