29 Jul 2016

Safety and Security - two sides of the same coin?

Find out more now about the new safety requirements for Industrie 4.0 plants.

With the ongoing development of the automation landscape towards Industrie 4.0, companies are facing new safety requirements. The world of automation merges with the world of IT. Safety & Security are therefore important prerequisites for the functioning of Industrie 4.0 plants. In contrast to traditional production plants, these plants have interfaces to their environment.

What is the difference between Safety and Security?

Safety requires that residual risks coming from a machine or plant do not exceed acceptable values. This includes hazards of the environment of the plant (e.g. environmental damage) and hazards within the plant (e.g. to persons in
the plant).

Security relates to the protection of a machine or plant from unauthorised access from the outside and to the protection of sensitive data from corruption, loss or unauthorised access in the internal system. This includes explicit attacks and unintended security incidents.

Demands on Safety and Security

Industrie 4.0 plants will in the future be able to reconfigure and optimise themselves autonomously. However, this requires a reassessment of safety (Safety & Security) in operation at the plant. It must also be ensured that remaining security gaps do not create high safety risks.

Holistic safety concepts require not only an interaction of Safety & Security. In fact, system architectures geared specifically toward this are increasingly required here, following open standards and including cross-manufacturer considerations. In terms of
the safety aspect there is a need to check the extent to which Security topics are influencing functional safety.

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