31 Mar 2016

Machinery Safety Standards & Technology Seminar in Crewe!

Pilz is holding a Safety Standards and Technology seminar at Crewe Hall!

The one day seminar will be held at Crewe Hall, Haslington and will cover a wide range of machinery safety topics such as

  • Legislative framework that affects OEM's and End Users
  •  EN ISO 14119 for Interlocking Devices
  •  EN ISO 13849 for Safety Related Control Systems
  •  EN ISO 61800-5-2 for Functional Safety of Variable-speed Drives
  •  Other standards relating to safety technologies
  • Machine Safety Technologies including;
  • Safety Sensors and their use - PSEN range
  •  Systems including programmable safety devices
  •  PNOZmulti & PSS4000
  • Safe Motion System - PMC range
  • Safe 3d Camera System - Safety Eye
  • Interactive demonstration of hardware & software
  • Pilz safety services & training courses
  • Q & A session

When: Tue 26th Apr, 8.45am - 4.30pm  

Where: Crewe Hall, Weston Road, Haslington

Cost: Free of Charge

The event will be run by a selection of Pilz’s Machinery Safety experts from the safety services, motion control and safety & automation solutions team, who will be on hand during the day to discuss any applications or questions that delegate’s may have.

For further information or to book your FREE place please follow this link

For any queries email: marketing@pilz.co.uk


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