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15 Jun 2015

Health & Safety Week 2015 - Pilz Top Tips

In line with Health & Safety Week 2015, which takes place from 15th – 19th June, Pilz would like to share with you, its top safety tips on a range of topics.

Friday: Top Tip Number Five – Safe Guard Your Machine with Pilz

If you are in need of a complete safety solution for door entry into a guarded machine, the PSEN sgate 2 reduces installation time and cost, is easy to setup and provides an all in one safety gate system for PL e safety.

Check out our video to see it in action.

DID YOU KNOW?... that EN 1088 for interlocking of guards has been superseded by the new standard ISO 14119 since the end of April 2015?  It will change the technologies used (e.g. RFID) and interlocking circuit design (series connection, decentralised I/O etc).  It will increase the onus on the machine designer to prevent fault masking and by-passing of guard interlocks.  Read about it in our article.


Thursday: Top Tip Number Four – Benefits to Training:

Machinery and Plant are becoming ever more complex and should be easy for users to operate.  Machinery Safety has therefore gained ever increasing importance.  Not only does effective training allow efficient production, saved resources, improved market potential and less accidents, it can assist in increasing profits with reduced costs.

Contact Martin Palmer to discuss your training options or visit our training page on our website for a list of courses available, which include CMSE and City & Guilds accredited training to a range of standards and regulatory courses.


Wednesday: Top Tip Number Three – Multi Configurator:

If you are currently using 3 or more safety relays in your panel else using relays to carry out logical functions, then it might be time to look at the PNOZmulti configurator software and its associated range of controllers.

The PNOZmulti configurator software is very easy to use and extremely intuitive allowing you to graphically configure your circuits rather than lots of hard wiring,

There are numerous benefits in using this type of system such as, less wiring, space savings in control cabinet and very simple diagnostics.

To see how much time and cost you could potentially save using this software solution and associated controllers, please contact Pilz to arrange both a software demonstration and to discuss hardware options available.

Click to download a demo version of the software.  Please note, you will first need to register on our website in order to download it.


Tuesday: Top Tip Number Two – PUWER:

A PUWER assessment should be carried out:

1. When the safety of the equipment or machine is determined by its installation it must be inspected;

  • When it is first installed and before it is put into service for the first time
  • When it has been moved or relocated to a new site or location

This is to ensure that the machinery or equipment has been installed correctly and is operating safely.

2. When equipment has been exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to result in a dangerous situation it must be inspected;

  • At suitable intervals
  • Each time that exceptional circumstances have occurred that could jeopardise the safety of the work equipment or machinery.

This is to ensure that any deterioration can be detected and fixed in good time.

For further information and guides, visit our PUWER website.


Monday: Top Tip Number One – Motion Control:

As servo motors are used for faster and more dynamic applications, it is important to consider what will happen in the event of loss of power or use of an E Stop.  Removing torque from the motor is not always the best option as this can lead to loads suddenly dropping or large loads crashing to a stop in a dangerous and damaging manor.  IEC 61800-5-2 lays out the options for safe motion, which allow for a greater and safer array of motor control in an emergency situation.

Contact Ross Fenion to get help with selecting the correct safe motion option and load inertia calculations, to ensure you have the best option in place - not just for safety but also for reducing downtime and increasing throughput of your servo controlled systems.


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