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28 May 2015

Amendment to standard IEC/EN 61496-1

Adaptation of the standard IEC/EN 61496-1 achieves standardisation of Safety Integrity Level and Performance Level.

Application options for the various type classes of electrosensitive protective equipment (ESPE) have so far been imprecise, with reference to the Safety Integrity Level (SIL - in accordance with IEC 62061) and the Performance Level (PL - in accordance with ISO 13849).

IEC/EN 61496 will become legally binding on 10 May 2015

IEC/EN 61496 "Safety of machinery – Electrosensitive protective equipment – Part 1: General requirements and tests" has recently been revised, enabling type classes to be assigned to the relevant SIL and PL for the first time. This relationship between type classes of the ESPE and SIL/PL is as follows:

Can be used in applications in accordance with
Type 1

Type 2

Type 3

Type 4

EN ISO 13849-1


PL c

PL d

PL e

EN/IEC 62061  

SIL 1 and

SIL 2 and
SIL 3 and


Further information:

Article with detailed information on IEC/EN 61496-1

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