28 Jul 2015

Safe machinery, step-by-step (4)

Part 4 of the series: Instructions and CE marking

What do you need to consider en route to safe machinery? We have put together the relevant steps for you. In the fourth and final part of our series, you can find out all you need to know about instructions and final CE certification.

Step 7: Instructions

Instructions are an integral part in the supply of plant, machinery and products. Any mistake in the instructions can have legal implications if the mistake has resulted in an accident.
Safety guidelines are a key part of any instructions. According to legislators, safety guidelines must describe all the residual risks that are still present after protective measures against hazards have been taken. Machine builders must also consider the risks that could arise in the event of "reasonably foreseeable misuse of the machine" by the user. A careful risk assessment is therefore a good foundation for producing the instructions.

Step 8: CE certification

By attaching the CE mark to his product, the manufacturer or the person placing the product on the market is confirming that his product meets all the legal requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG in terms of its assured properties and when used in accordance with its intended purpose. All machinery imported from non-EU countries also require a CE mark, irrespective of the year of construction. Attaching the CE mark is the sole responsibility of the manufacturer/person placing the product on the market and does not require any official approval.
If stand-alone machines that are already CE certified are joined together to form an assembly of machines (plant), the conformity assessment procedure, including CE marking, must be carried out for the plant as a whole.

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Safe machinery, step-by-step: Instructions and CE certification

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