1 Jan 1970

Plant Assessments indicate standard of safety

Pilz is introducing Plant Assessments as a simple, cost-effective and dependable way for customers to gain a valuable insight into the level of safety at individual machines or across entire manufacturing facilities.

For each machine assessed, a two- or four-page report is prepared that highlights any major safety problems and identifies minor deficiencies. Pilz has a strict competence management system in place, so customers can be certain that the Pilz personnel carrying out the Plant Assessments are fully competent to do so, whether the project covers a single machine or a facility containing, for example, multiple power presses and associated automated handling systems.

Priced on the basis of a fixed cost per machine, Plant Assessments quickly and cost-effectively deliver easily-understood information to health and safety managers, production managers and general managers.

If assessments suggest that further action is required to improve safety, Pilz consultants can help customers to carry out formalised risk assessments, develop safety concepts and implement changes to machinery hardware, control systems, training plans and management procedures.

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