1 Jan 1970

Managing Director commends five-day IOSH course

Running a small company brings with it many responsibilities, not least of which is health and safety. With increasing pressure to comply with relevant health and safety legislation - and, moreover, pressure to be seen to be complying - Alf Roberts, the Managing Director of Elite Thermal Systems, felt the time had come to undertake formal training. As a result, he has nothing but praise for the five-day IOSH 'Managing Safely combined with Machinery and Work Equipment Safety' course run by Pilz Automation Technology at its training facility in Corby.

Two particular benefits of the Pilz course are that it is a fully accredited, tailored version of the IOSH Managing Safely training course, which offers considerably more than a standard course, and it has an additional one-day module that focuses on machinery and work equipment. It is therefore perfect for the likes of Alf Roberts, whose company manufactures electric furnaces and ovens for the industrial, educational and research sectors worldwide.

Elite Thermal Systems Ltd is a lean, focussed engineering company, without the luxury of resources that would otherwise enable the Managing Director to delegate health and safety issues to somebody else. Clearly it is a major commitment for a director to attend an off-site five-day training course, but Alf Roberts is satisfied that it is warranted - and that it was definitely worth his attending the fifth day on machinery safety and work equipment.

He comments: "The course was very good, with presentations that were dynamic and refreshing. Ivan Green, the Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner who delivered most of the lectures, obviously has a great deal of experience that he can draw on, which makes the course interesting and memorable."

Alf Roberts continues: "In the day-to-day running of my business, the course material has proved to be an invaluable reference source, and I have had several opportunities to put into practice the knowledge that I gained. While I do not expect to apply every aspect of what I learnt in the immediate future, it is comforting to have an IOSH certificate so that I can demonstrate that I have attended a course and passed exams held under the auspices of an accredited certification body."


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